French sci-fi, musicology, and atomization

Built with

  1. Real Book 

    A musicians' fake book – a compilation of lead sheets for jazz standards. The impetus for Deep Suburb's modus operandi. Demonstrating the Jazz origins of Shanzhai cultural production.

  2. Digital Deterritorialization 

    It's lunchtime at the screenshot factory. There's hours to go before you sleep. Over the loudspeakers passages are read by the scholars of Digital Fordism.

  3. Pierre Schaeffer - America, We Ignore You

    Engineer and musicologist Pierre Schaeffer begins his debut treatise like so: "...on the 15th of August, on an Air France flight, I am the messenger of the first day of universal peace, and I sense the pangs of benign shadows, and in the people’s eyes, that this wasn’t the peace of men of good will."